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About TFM

About TFM

The family member is the fastest growing social venture for senior citizen care and patient care. We are always been a part of your family as a true family member for any bed ridden patient care, senior citizen care or preventive care.

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TFM Services

Care Managers

We provide professional, trustworthy and empathy based care managers for bed ridden patients and elders at home. We are committed to share your hidden pain to take care for such instances.

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Nursing Care

Trained and equipped Nursing services are most essential for critical medical conditions at home or for constant medical supervision. Our team of trained nurses perform various nursing duties with care and efficiency.

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Are your parents alone? They need someone to talk with? They need someone to talk out? They need some empathy and care who just listen to them? You are not able to spend time with them?

Don't worry. Our caring companions will spend quality time with them. They are trained, educated and trustworthy. They are students, housewives and retired senior citizens who will spend time with your elders.

TFM is running a fully automated equipped laboratory for faster and accurate results for its members and seniors. Our association with Thyrocare is giving us upper edge for extended and specialized laboratory services.

Our Profiles
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We believe that “visiting TFM for your wellness is more beneficiary rather visiting doctor or hospital later”.

Our expert medical support team assist you in taking preventive steps for your wellness.

We guide you in taking various preventive steps for yourself and your family members according to your lifestyle, heredity, primary medical analysis and other parameters.

Our partners will ensure that you will get best in class support at best rates as well, so even your pocket can afford the same.

  • Medical care
  • Preventive lab
  • Preventive physiotherapy
  • Preventive radiology
  • Preventive dental treatment
  • Eye and ear treatment
  • Diabetes & cardiac care

Emergency Response Card

ERC Steps


Scan Emergency Response Card through TFM app or any scanner app


View all the information related to public details, Emergency Contacts and Private Details easily


Verify your mobile number from TFM through OTP and access all private details of the user

Moonmoon Roy

All the staff of The Family Member is very co-operative, services are of best quality and I have made great recovery from critical physiotherapy problem.

Bhargav Dave

The Family Member group is doing excellent social service for the society. It is quite commendable and excellent job done by The Family Member.

Heena Shah

The home care service from TFM is very carrying, hygenic and soft spoken. The office staff is very supportive and the management is excellent to recommend.

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If you have social values to follow and you can spend time for serving senior citizens in any manner, just join us.

If you have care and empathy, you can spend regular time with someone, you have basic understanding skills, than join us for a bright career of companionship.

If you are a hospital, doctor, laboratory, wellness center, medical store or any other medical-related business entity, join us to provide best services at discounted rates to our members.

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Help any patient at any given point of time during emergency through ERC.

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What services are there in Home Healthcare ?
The Family Member is providing care taker services and nursing services at home or any other place.
For whom these services are required?
For any elderly person, or bed ridden person or post hospitalisation support these services are available.
Are these people trained and Experienced?
Yes generally all the care takers are trained and experienced. Nurses are certified.
For How much duration these services are available?
These services are available from 1 day to any specific time period.
What are normal duty times for home care?
Normally home care is given for 1-2 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours & 24 hours.
What are the duties of a care giver & nurse?
The work profile is given in service page.
Where these services are available right now?
Currently we are in entire Ahmedabad and nearby areas only.
What is Companionship?
Companionship is quality time spending with your loved ones in your absence.
Who are beneficiaries for Companionship?
Lonely elders, people under depression or people requiring some company for short time are end beneficiaries.
Who are Companionship?
School & college students, housewives and active senior citizens are the companions.
Is there any specific skillset needed for companions?
No, basic good background, empathy based nature, and basic subject knowledge of medical, finance, art etc is required.
Do you provide training to your companions?
Yes 3 days training is given to the companions.
How much time these companions spend with the beneficiary?
It totally depends upon the requirement of the family member from 1 hour to full day.
What is the work profile?
The work profile always varies on person to person, you need to ask the office for your specific requirement.
What are the charges for the Companionship?
The charges varies from person to person and time duration. You need to ask the office for the same.
What is ERC?
ERC is Emergency Response Card.
For what purpose erc is useful?
Erc is useful for any medical emergency and to respond and communicate fast.
Which kind of information will be there in erc?
Erc carries all personal details like name, number, age, address, blood group, medical allergy and medical issue etc. It also carries all the names and number of family / friend / relatives who should be contacted during any emergency. Thirdly erc carries all the medical data of a person in digital form.
How to get the information from erc?
Anyone who is using normal android phone or higher version can scan the qr code of the card and get basic information and ice (in case of emergency) numbers of a person during any medical or other emergency from any part of the world.
Who can scan the card?
During any emergency anyone can scan the erc.
Who can see the private details of medical data?
Only the card owner or his/her ice people can see the medical data by following security procedures.
How can i insert medical data?
You can insert data by scanning the card or by application or by web back office. You need to scan the documents and upload them in different folders.
Can i book various tfm services through this erc or application?
yes you can book any of tfm’s services through erc or tfm application.
How can i get erc?
You can fill in the form from website and submit the application, the office will contact you for further assistance. You can also call tfm team at your office, society or place if you have any bulk inquiry for the same.

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