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With almost 10.38 crore senior citizens india has the second highest population of elders in the world. This is the figure from the census of India 2011, so the actual population of the senior citizens will be 11.5-12 crore as of today. In the early years of retirement life, people tend to enjoy. As the time progresses and ageing increases, the life starts becoming dull and boring, mobility start decreasing, health issues become regular part of life and life almost stops for the elderly people. Due to breaking up of joint family structure vis a vis single or two child family, globalization and technological revolution there is a situation where the senior citizens are becoming more and more alone, children are moving out and a slow but visible concern of elder care is increasing.

Why Us ?

Care Giver For Elders.


⇒ Do we have social security for senior citizens or elders just like western or developed countries?

⇒ Do we have some specific policy for elder care in India?

⇒ Do we have proper care giving – nursing or attendant services system for senior citizens and elders apart from hospitals?

⇒ Do elders and super seniors require someone to be with him who can provide care and empathy to them?


⇒ The Family Member is proud to be the initial step towards the elder care revolution in India.

⇒ The Family Member means care giver for elders.

⇒ The Family Member means nursing and attendant services.

⇒ The Family Member means providing active life to elders within their nearby areas.