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We strongly believe that if the elder person involves himself/herself into any of the activities of their likings, than the chances of their dullness or medical issues automatically decreases.

Therefore, The Family Member has launched the project “elder friendly environment” with the aim to provide the best environment to senior citizens and elders where they can enjoy their life, do some productive activities and utilize their talent and also showcase that.

The Entire Project Is Based On Four Pillers

If the elder on will be involved in their desired activities, they will enjoy the life fullest. The activities will be divided into two parameters viz. religious activities & social activities
  • Indoor and outdoor sports.
  • Productive discussion programs.
  • Art – craft – play etc workshops at regular timings.
  • Kitchen – best out of waste workshops for women.
  • Celebration of religious functions.
  • Music – painting classes for elders.
  • Tours and picnics.
  • Quiz – antakshari or other sports for elders.
  • Celebration of social gathering at regular intervals.
  • Computer education as well as the updates on latest technologies.
The elders are not much reluctant to use latest technologies like young people, they are unaware of many things in current scenario.
  • Technological awareness.
  • Financial awareness ( investment protection or fraud protection ).
  • Workshops of cyber crime.
  • Workshops on legal support.
  • Workshops on medical awareness (diabetes – heart dieses – eye – knee – orthopedic or any related).
The most important feature of elder friendly environment is the emergency support system. In case of medical or other emergency situation, the person should be able to get support within the nearest area which sometimes becomes very critical support.
  • Emergency medical assistance (like nurse or doctors).
  • Other emergency support (like theft – burglary, fire or natural calamity).
  • No children or children away, primary support provided till other relatives arrive.